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Buff Pro Buffing System
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BuffPro Buffer also available in 220V/50Hz
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No Swirl Marks or Holograms

Axial motion of the pad eliminates circular micro-marring leaving a professional swirl-free shine every time.

Reduces Labor

Up to a 50% improvement in efficiency making every job fast and effective saving time and money.

Ease of Use / Peace of Mind

High speed adjustable operation giving you the heat and friction you want without the required training to master.

Dual Pistol Grip Handles

Ergonomically designed hand grips minimizing awkward wrist positioning and hand fatigue.

Minimizes Mess and Splatter

Cylindrical pad keeps compounds under the buffer reducing the use of chemicals and minimizing the need to mask.

Pads Stay Cleaner Longer

Centrifugal force keeps polish on the outside of the pad so it won’t load up with compound like traditional orbiters.

Multiple Pad Options

Available pads include options for Cutting, Polishing, Finishing and even Sanding.

Industrial Grade Motor

An electrically operated motor, heat treated precision-cut gears, and a variable speed locking trigger. Great for mobile situations or shops.

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