Buff Pro

About BuffPro

BuffPro® manufactured by MAC Polishing Co., Inc.

The BuffPro® Polishing System was created as a result of a need to find a better way to polish cars. While many of the existing automobile polishing machines promised to eliminate unsightly swirl marks and restore shine to motor vehicles, those products in reality only filled in and covered up swirl marks. After a few washes, the original swirl marks were revealed.

With a little ingenuity and a big need for a better product, the prototype of a buffing and polishing machine was created.  After months and months of experimenting with different variations a revolutionary and superior electric buffing and polishing power tool was developed.

Based on this design, the BuffPro® power tool revolutionizes the manner in which surfaces are buffed and polished by changing the powered motion from a rotary rotation with a disk to an axial motion with a drum. This innovative product actually removes swirl marks and restores the shine to the surface of motor vehicles. The product also creates better efficiency for its users by reducing buffing time by 50 percent. 

Auto, RV, Marine and Aviation detailing professionals and enthusiasts alike will love the quality, craftsmanship and performance of the BuffPro®.

SEMA Member National Marine Manufacture Association Member