About BuffPro

The BuffPro Buffer is the only electrically operated drum style buffer on the market. Because it polishes with a drum rather than a traditional rotary design, the BuffPro has several distinct advantages over other buffers, whether it is used for automotive, aviation, marine and RV applications.

Buff Pro

The BuffPro does the job in up to half the time.

If the BuffPro buffer is for personal use, then why not get the job done at the highest possible level, as quickly as possible? BuffPro can be easily used by anyone with only a few simple instructions and you can have your car, plane, boat or RV polished like a pro in no time.

If you own a professional detailing shop, you know that the time your crew spends polishing can be extensive. That time eats into your bottom line. The BuffPro helps you save money AND produce a better shine for your customers by reducing the total time on the job by up to 50%.

BuffPro – Auto Polishing using BuffPro

Swirl marks are impossible with BuffPro.

Traditional rotary buffers can leave swirl marks even when used carefully. It is literally impossible to make swirl marks with BuffPro, since the rotation of the buffer is NOT circular in relationship to the equipment being shined. This means that even a complete amateur can do a professional polishing job on any automotive, marine or aviation equipment the very first time.

BuffPro is exceptionally comfortable.

The ergonomic pistol grips of the BuffPro Buffer keep hand and wrist fatigue to a minimum. No more weird wrist positions required – giving pros the ability to work longer and more comfortably.

BuffPro can polish almost anything

Any relatively flat, smooth surface can be polished using BuffPro in about half the time of traditional methods. This includes:

  • Bare metal
  • Painted surfaces
  • Stone
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass

Multiple buffing pads are available for a variety of uses, including cutting, polishing, finishing and even sanding.

BuffPro was designed by a professional detailer for other detailers.

Everything about BuffPro has been designed so that professional detailers get the best shine for their customers with the least time and effort. The BuffPro uses centrifugal force to keep the polishing compound toward the outside of the pad, reducing splatters and keeping pads cleaner, longer. This cuts down on the amount of chemicals used and reduces the need for masking. The BuffPro has an electric motor, heat treated precision cut gears and a variable speed locking trigger for ease of use – even for detailers who operate mobile shops.

Order your BuffPro Buffer today and experience why so many professional detailers love their BuffPro.