Tips & Tricks for Polishing Metal on Airplanes

polishing metal

Are you ready to enhance the appearance of your aviation equipment? Do you want to protect the exterior of your aircraft?

With uneven surfaces, odd angles, and various materials, it can be challenging to polish the metal exterior of your airplane, which is why you need an efficient tool for polishing metal.

The BuffPro Buffer polishes and buffs your aviation equipment in less than half the time of traditional rotary tools. It also protects your aircraft from corrosion and oxidation.

Why BuffPro is Your Choice for Polishing Metal

With ergonomic pistol grips, the BuffPro Buffer is ideal for polishing metal on airplanes. It provides exceptional, all-day comfort and uses modern technology for ease of use and longevity.

The drum action works smoothly around all aircraft surfaces, including metals like aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. It applies the polishing compound without waste and provides a high-gloss, durable shine without swirls or streaks.

Five Easy Steps for Polishing Metal on Aircrafts

Choose the Right Product

Before you begin, you need to choose products designed specifically for aviation equipment. Mild detergents are not abrasive in nature, which means they are perfect for airplanes. They are also capable of cleaning exterior surfaces, as well as removing oxidation and stains.

Prepare the Aircraft for Polishing

Using warm water and a mild detergent, you need to prepare the exterior surface by cleaning it thoroughly.

By washing the surface, you can remove dirt, oil, and grease that trap under the polishing compound and become embedded in the surface. You can also examine the surface for areas of corrosion and erosion that require repair.

Apply Your Polishing Compound

Once the exterior surface is clean, you may begin by applying a strip or two of polishing compound. It may be best to focus on one small section of the plane at a time.

With BuffPro on the lowest setting, spread the polishing compound over the metal surface. Increase the BuffPro speed setting and work it up and down, back and forth slowly across the surface until you finish polishing.

Finally, you can remove any excess polishing compound with a cotton/flannel cloth. Once you are done, the aircraft will have a shiny, mirror-like finish.

How Often Should You Polish Your Aircraft Metal?

At BuffPro, we recommend polishing metal on your aviation equipment three or four times a year. We also recommend a thorough polish before storing your airplane for an extended period of time.

By following a specific schedule for polishing metal, you can remove water spots, corrosion, and oxidation. You can also eliminate swirls and streaks and restore a high-gloss shine that lasts for months to come.

Polish Your Plane with BuffPro Products

If you want superior shine in half the time, BuffPro has the polishing metal products for you. To claim your exclusive kit, visit our website, or contact us today.