Benefits of Drum-Style vs. Rotary Buffer

rotary bufferTo see the advantages of BuffPro’s innovative electrically operated drum style buffer design over other buffing systems, let’s first discuss how a traditional rotary design works. In a traditional rotary buffer, the powerful force driving it is run directly off the electric motor. This is referred to as a rotary design with a direct drive, which traditional buffers utilize.

Traditional Rotary Buffer

Because of this direct drive design, using a rotary buffer successfully requires both skill and experience. The rotary buffer can actually buff out surfaces too much – in inexperienced hands, it can remove paint clear off the surface of whatever you’re buffing, requiring a new paint job.  Definitely something you want to avoid!

Additionally, rotary buffers tend to take longer to achieve visually stunning results. Traditional rotary buffers can leave swirl marks even when used carefully, meaning you’ll have to spend at least twice as much time removing any swirls left by the first pass. This extra time means you’ll be working harder for longer, requiring a lot of upper body and back strength. Not to mention, worker fatigue increases the risk for mistakes and injuries, as specified by OSHA, which can be very costly.

To summarize, the cons that accompany traditional rotary buffers include:

  • Hard to use
  • Easily removes paint from surfaces
  • Time-Consuming
  • Swirls
  • Labor-intensive
  • Uncomfortable after extended use

The Buffpro Difference

The BuffPro drum-style buffer has been designed so that professional detailers get the best shine for their customers with the least time and effort, revolutionizing the manner in which surfaces are buffed and polished by changing the powered motion from a rotary rotation with a disc to an axial motion with a drum. The BuffPro has an electric motor, heat treated precision cut gears, and a variable speed locking trigger for ease of use.

What’s more? It is literally impossible to make swirl marks with BuffPro. Also, using Buffpro will lower costs associated with labor and materials by using centrifugal force to minimize splatters and keep pads cleaner, longer. This cuts down on the amount of chemicals used and reduces the need for masking and cleanup time.

So, why does Buffpro OUTSHINE the competition? Well, its list of advantages includes:

  • FAST – complete a full buff and polish in half the time you spend now
  • Easy to use
  • No swirl marks, EVER
  • Efficient and cost-effective
    • Improve accuracy, user fatigue, and daily quota
    • Reduce training and buffing time by 50%
    • Lower costs associated with labor and materials
    • Restore a high-gloss, durable shine in fewer steps

Professionals and Amateurs Alike Love Buffpro

Professionals love the ROI they get using Buffpro because:

  • It is easy to train anyone on its use.
  • Hourly employees’ time to buff is cut in half.
  • Many professionals get ROI on the machine in only a few weeks.

That’s good profit! And as for amateurs and DIYers, they love the BuffPro. Even a complete amateur can do a professional polishing job on any automotive, marine or aviation equipment the very first time.

BuffPro leaves more time for other maintenance and repairs for the auto, RV, marine, and aviation detailing professionals and enthusiasts alike. See our instructional video here and get your own here today! You’ll love the quality, craftsmanship, and performance of the BuffPro.