Distribution Opportunities

Because the BuffPro Buffer is a unique product that answers a big demand across several fields - automotive detailing, boat and RV care and airplane rehabilitation, it is an excellent product for distribution.

BuffPro answers a need that is universal - how to make a beloved and often expensive item look like new?

There are endless opportunities for distribution - will you take advantage of them?

The BuffPro Buffer provides distributors with an excellent distribution opportunity. We offer one of the best commission structures in the business, but more importantly, your customers will love our product. They will thank you for introducing it to them, and they will be repeat customers as they continue to purchase the compounds and pads that work together with the BuffPro Buffer to produce the best, fastest shine in the business.

MAC Polishing Co., Inc. manufacturer of the BuffPro product line, is dedicated to the success of its distributors and dealers who have the ability to display and communicate the benefits of the BuffPro Polisher.

In the United States, we are actively seeking distribution outlets for New York, DC, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Seattle.

We are ready to service international distributors as well. We currently have distributors in the UK, Turkey and Kuwait, and we are seeking distributors for Canada, Mexico, Africa, Spain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, China, Japan and Australia.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for BuffPro products, contact the President of MAC Polishing Co, Kevin McLaughlin, directly at 1-800-699-4160 or fill in the form below and tell us about yourself. We will contact you shortly to review the requirements and discuss opportunities.

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