BuffPro for Boats

Start polishing like a pro in no time

Marine Polishing

Is your boat the victim of harsh weather conditions and corrosive saltwater? Have you tried buffing and polishing over and over with disappointing results? BuffPro can put an end to your tedious boat polishing efforts and frustration and give you that like-new protective shine you’ve been dreaming of.

High Shine in Half the Time

With the revolutionary BuffPro Buffer and our specialty products, you can restore fiberglass and gelcoat to a high shine in up to half the time of traditional rotary buffers. BuffPro is a non-rotary electric buffer/polisher that was designed by a professional detailer to be simple, comfortable, and extremely effective.

It’s so easy to use, even an inexperienced detailer can get a perfect shine the first time. Worried about swirl marks? No more swirl-marks or holograms ever again – it’s impossible to make them and even eliminates old ones.

This is a picture of a boat that has been polished with a Buff pro Buffer. it is shinyand clean.Boat

One-of-a-Kind BuffPro Benefits

  • Eliminates holograms and swirl marks for good (even old ones)
  • Restores a high-gloss, durable shine in fewer steps
  • Reduces training and buffing time by 50%
  • Increases profit
  • Improves accuracy, user fatigue, and daily quota
  • Uses less buffing compound and fewer pads
  • Stops wasted time and money on compound slinging, splattering, and cleanup
  • Lowers costs associated with labor and materials

Remove Corrosion, Pitting, Oxidation

The marine environment can be harsh and often leads to not just fiberglass deterioration, but corrosion, pitting, and oxidation of many different materials. With BuffPro, you can remove corrosion and improve pitting, and completely restore oxidation to light covers on boats, trailers, and marine yard equipment.

Options Abound

We offer 7 different pad types in 3 different materials depending on the surface you’re buffing and the desired outcome. Our no-splatter pads have a long life because the disc motion and design keeps the compound toward the outside of the pads and they can be repeatedly cleaned after use.

We also offer 14 very specific compounds for each material and your desired outcome, taking the guesswork out of knowing which one will work the best for your application.

All-Surface BuffPro

BuffPro options are endless! Use BuffPro on painted surfaces and bare metal like aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel; stone, fiberglass, gel-coated surfaces, polished concrete, resins, plastic.

Marine Restoration Kit

Take a few minutes, watch our short instructional video, and order your BuffPro Marine Restoration Kit today for a huge savings plus free shipping in the USA. If you have any questions, our helpful customer service representatives are here to help. Contact us now. 1-800-699-4160

5 Easy Steps to Unbeatable Shine

The 5 easy steps to a deep shine in half the time are the same for any piece of equipment:

  1. Clean the surface you will polish.
  2. Apply a strip or two of polish onto the surface you will work on.
  3. With the BuffPro on the lowest setting (1), spread the polish over the area you will be working on.
  4. Once the polish has been spread, increase the speed setting on BuffPro and slowly move it back and forth across the surface until it is well-polished or the polish compound is used up.
  5. Wipe away any excess polish.

That's it!

Order your BuffPro, pads and polishing compound today and get ready to create a perfect shine!

Order your BuffPro, pads and polishing compound today and get ready to create a perfect shine!