BuffPro Testimonials

The Buffpro axial buffer has been a part of my vintage trailer polishing profession for almost three years and is the one piece of equipment that my customers refer to when they make inquiries about hiring me. They say, “You use that drum buffer, the Buffpro, Right?”. They ask that because they know they’re going to get a shine that’s going to be swirl free. Not only does it create a swirl free finish, it cuts my polishing man hour time drastically. In the three years I’ve been using the Buffpro I’ve developed a great relationship with MAC Polishing, Mr. Kevin McLaughlin who happens to be a very likable and knowledgeable professional who responds to my polishing wants and needs with an open mind and is always eager to assist. Rather a pro or a DYI’r, the Buffpro is the right tool for the job and when used as described will create a swirl free finish in less time.

Tim McNutt
Tim’s Airstream Polishing
Martinez, GA

This one tool has literally helped me build the company I work for. With its many pads and polishes for metal, paint and gel coat boats I’ve been able to offer more services then I could have imagined without Swirl marks and in half the time!! Don’t let the price scare you for any item. Each item built with quality for longevity in mind; from the Pads to the Buffer itself. Let’s not forget the customer service; it’s very comforting knowing if I have an issue or an order it’s always Kevin answering the phone.

Tri-Parts Polishing
Dylan Flowers, Effingham, IL

Machine works awesome. Better yet you will get great support and customer service from these guys. Wonderful place to deal with.

Barry Paliuk
Alberta, Canada

I’ve been detailing vehicles throughout the Puget Sound for over 7 years. I purchased BuffPro to facilitate my waxing of RV’s & boats after watching numerous YouTube videos. BuffPro has helped my detailing business substantially by making buffing easier & swirl free. I highly recommend BuffPro to professionals and those wanting quality results of their own.

Dan’s Mobile Detail
Olympia, WA

It is amazing to say the least that the BuffPro eliminated every single swirl mark and scratch on my Tahoe.  I must say that I was skeptical at first but when I saw the buffer it made sense.  The results are astounding!  Love the mirror/glass-like finish.

Sharad Patel

In almost no time, I polished my 1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. I didn’t expect to see much difference as I have been babying the car for the almost 17 years I have had it. Well, the difference following the use of BuffPro is amazing. I got much more than the “wet look” promised… the car looks like it is dripping!

Lance Primis
Colts Neck, New Jersey

The BuffPro saved me so much time.  It’s awesome.

Captain Tony
Naples, Florida

I recently tried out BuffPro… with it we found out that we can go to new levels we’ve never been before. Everyone should have one of these.

Shawn Romero
Cincinnati, Ohio

Very user friendly and easy to use! The best thing about BuffPro is the drum style pad. It can buff a much large area than any conventional buffer and it allows me to produce a high gloss shine on any vehicle. I highly recommend the BuffPro to any detailer.

Elmer Bibb
St. Louis, Missouri

I run a mobile aircraft and auto detailing business in Calgary Alberta. I have used The BuffPro for over a year and have done several 4 jets and 8 cars with it. The results have allowed me to take my business to a higher level as well as shorten my buffing time. When customers see the unit it always strikes up conversation as they have never seen such a machine. It gives my company a unique quality. I do not put a lot of volume through in my business as I am retired and just detail to keep busy. I defiantly see how high volume could benefit from such a machine. Just want to say thanks for a very good product.

Bill Chabenuik
Sans Pareil, Detailing

I purchased this BuffPro Model JF 180 Swirl-Free, for my Son-in-Law. He is a professional detailer with his own business, and works on a lot of big trucks, trailers and tankers, in addition to cars, boats, snowmobiles, etc. This is a true "dream-machine" for him. It's light weight, multiple speeds, and has a large buffing area that truly cuts his time by 75% (compared to a traditional hand-buffer) while producing a superior, swirl-free finish. Great product!

Raymond McMahon

Order your BuffPro, pads and polishing compound today and get ready to create a perfect shine!

Order your BuffPro, pads and polishing compound today and get ready to create a perfect shine!