BuffPro for Home Use

Start polishing like a pro in no time

Do you have a car that's been sitting to long?

Does your boat look like it's seen better days?

Does your RV lack the shine that made you proud to travel?

Does your plane look dull - even in bright sunlight?

The BuffPro Buffer can take even the most oxidized, scratched, dull and neglected piece of equipment and return it to its former shine.

The BuffPro is easy to use by anyone, regardless of past experience.

Old rotary buffers can easily make hard-to-remove streaks and holograms, even in the hands of pros.

You know how great your car, RV, boat or plane could look - now it's time to show everyone else.

Before & After with the BuffPro

5 Easy Steps to Unbeatable Shine

The 5 easy steps to a deep shine in half the time are the same for any piece of equipment:

  1. Clean the surface you will polish.
  2. Apply a strip or two of polish onto the surface you will work on.
  3. With the BuffPro on the lowest setting (1), spread the polish over the area you will be working on.
  4. Once the polish has been spread, increase the speed setting on BuffPro and slowly move it back and forth across the surface until it is well-polished or the polish compound is used up.
  5. Wipe away any excess polish.

That's it!

Order your BuffPro today and bring that car, RV, boat or plane back to life.

Order your BuffPro, pads and polishing compound today and get ready to create a perfect shine!