Airstream Polishing with the BuffPro


Do you spend the summer traveling in your RV? Are you on a mission to restore your vintage airstream? Either way, your RV or airstream is a huge investment, which means you need the proper equipment to combat oxidation, holograms, and swirl marks.

With the BuffPro buffer, you can polish your airstream or RV in half the time of traditional rotary buffers. You can also use less polish to achieve a streak-free, high-gloss exterior, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time traveling.

The BuffPro Difference

As the most unique and versatile product of its kind, the electric BuffPro buffer polishes and buffs a variety of surfaces in less time than traditional buffers. It is easy-to-use, provides a swirl-free finish, and offers a cleaner process than other methods of polishing.

The BuffPro buffer is an ideal choice for polishing airstreams and RVs, as it removes oxidation and provides a high-gloss shine in half the time of conventional rotary buffers. With pistol grip handles, the buffer also minimizes awkward wrist positioning for ease of use and longevity.

Your All-In-One Restoration Kit

To accommodate your maintenance needs, BuffPro offers an easy, all-in-one RV Restoration Kit. Along with the BuffPro buffer, the kit includes other essential products, including:

  • SLW Synthetic Lambs Wool Finishing Pad
  • Polishing Wool Pad
  • Heavy Cutting Wool Pad
  • All-Shine, All-In-One Ultra Fine Polish
  • All-Shine, Medium Correction Compound
  • All-Shine, Heavy Correction Compound
  • 3 Red Microfiber Towels

With the RV Restoration Kit, you can buy everything you need to clean and maintain the exterior of your airstream, without wasting time or money.

How to Polish Your Airstream or RV

It can be time-consuming and labor-intensive to polish your home on wheels. However, the result is a sharp-looking airstream with a high-gloss, swirl-free finish. To polish with the BuffPro buffer, you should follow these five steps:

  • Clean the surface of your airstream or RV with warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Apply a strip or two of polish to the surface.
  • Set the BuffPro buffer to the lowest setting (1) and spread the polish over the area you intend to buff.
  • Once you spread the polish, increase the speed of your BuffPro buffer and slowly move it back and forth until the surface is well polished and the compound is gone.
  • Wipe away any excess polish with a microfiber towel.

Buff Like a Pro with BuffPro

Are you ready to achieve a superior shine in half the time? BuffPro has the products you need for all your polishing jobs. To claim your BuffPro buffer, visit our website, or contact us today.