Best Fall RV & Boating Destinations

best fall rv destinations

With cooler air and shorter nights, many people tend to call an end to the boat and RV season during the fall. However, you don’t have to call it quits when the crispness of fall settles in. Going on a boat or RV trip during the fall can offer beautiful views. Are you looking for the best fall RV destinations and top places for boating when the leaves are changing? There is a variety of options for where to camp to stay warm while taking out your RV or boat.

For those who want to escape the cold, here’s a list of the best fall RV destinations that can soothe the bite of the fast-approaching winter weather:

Clearwater, Florida

Florida always has some sunshine to spare. Clearwater, Florida offers guests a beautiful Florida landscape with charming beach communities. This location’s popularity is a sign of how much people enjoy camping there. Most camps or hotels are close to a beach. Clearwater offers the perfect beach vacation without having to leave your RV or boat at home.

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Cumberland Island offers warm weather and breathtaking sights. This location not only offers relaxing beaches but also offers a place with historical significance. If you’re looking to just sit back and relax, or you’re looking to learn more about the past, taking a trip to Georgia’s largest and southernmost barrier island is a great way to warm up this season.

South Padre Island, Texas

A road trip to Texas during the fall offers an amazing view of autumn leaves changing across the Midwest, and what’s a better destination than South Padre Island, Texas? The island offers a variety of adventures for thrill-seekers and families. In addition, it isn’t uncommon to see dolphins swimming in the surf or turtles exploring the beach. You can make your next destination an island that turns your RV or boat trip into one you’ll never forget.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

For those looking for a Midwest location filled with beautiful views and a fantastic location for RV or boat trips, Arkansas’s Hot Springs national park is the place to be. With tamer fall weather, this location offers a nature-rich experience with the bonus of a wide variety of activities surrounding the area. Hot Springs, Arkansas offers the kind of fall weather that you can boat, hammock, camp, or hike in.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

If you’re looking for a campground for just your family or friend group to enjoy, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee offers 10 campgrounds for one RV each. While it can get a little bit chilly, the fall colors are picturesque to the point that it’s part of what makes the park such a great spot. The park offers a variety of recommendations of drives or hikes to see the leaves turn. In addition to a variety of waterfalls to visit, the park also has a more classic camping experience. Not to mention, it’s the most popular national park in the country for a reason!

Wherever you’re heading this season, taking advantage of warmer weather and beautiful landscapes is worth waiting for in regards to retiring your RV or boat for the season. Each of these campgrounds offers a unique experience that might just warm up your spirits as the air gets chillier.

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