How to Winterize an RV

how to winterize an rv

Do you wonder how to winterize an RV before the cold weather arrives? The harsh winter weather and its freezing temperatures are hard on us all, but it can be devastating to an un-winterized RV. A smart move some RV owners make is getting an early jump on winterizing when it gets into the low 40s, because it’s more pleasant doing that work when it’s fairly warm than when it’s freezing. It’s not a good idea to wait any longer than when temps reach a sustained 32 degrees and below for more than a few hours.

The biggest issue, and the most common, is freezing that occurs within the RV’s plumbing system, which offers many spots for water and moisture to live and can be very costly for you in the spring. In addition to winterizing the RV plumbing system, you need prepare the RV’s interior and exterior for the cold winter months too.

With that in mind, here is a good checklist for how to winterize an RV this coming cold season:

Drain All the Water

You don’t want water to freeze, expand, and then blow up inside water tanks or blow one of your water lines off connectors.

  • Drain your water tanks
  • Drain water heater (Make sure you wait until the temperature and pressure come down before draining)
  • Drain water lines

Remove and Bypass the Water Filters & Water Heater

Before adding antifreeze, you need to remove and bypass any inline water filters you have to prevent damage. You may need to buy a water heater bypass kit, if one is not already installed on the water heater.

Add Antifreeze to Your RV

Pump non-toxic RV antifreeze into your tanks, lines, and down your traps. The amount of antifreeze depends on your plumbing setup, but 2-3 gallons is normally enough.

Check the Roof Seals & Under the RV

Get on the roof and make sure there are no holes or leaks. Any leaks, cracks, or holes will need to be addressed. This prevents costly interior damage as well as damage to your roof.

Check the underside of your RV. Get underneath your RV and look for holes or other areas that rodents could nest in. Plug any holes. This prevents damage from pests to your insulation, wood, and water lines.

Freshen Up the Interior

Many RV owners place peppermint tea bags throughout the interior of their RV over the winter. Not only does this make your RV smell nice come spring, but the peppermint also serves as a deterrent for pests.

Disconnect the Battery

Disconnect, remove, and place your RV’s battery on your battery tender. A battery tender will help to keep your battery operational over long periods of inactivity.

Polish & Wax the Exterior

Start by picking out a reliable RV polish and wax for proper maintenance. This will help you protect your investment and ensure that it continues to look its best, as it can protect most parts of your RV from scratches and other forms of damage. Picking a wax with UV protection can even help in protecting your RV from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays as well as other forms of environmental damage.

With its massive size and hard to reach spaces, it can take a long time to remove the oxidation, light swirls, spider webs, and light scratches that your RV has sustained during the travel season.

But the BuffPro Buffer can make polishing your RV an easy affair. It has an easy-to-use high speed, adjustable system gives you the heat and friction for polishing your RV to a high shine. The dual pistol grip handles are designed to minimize awkward wrist positioning when polishing. Furthermore, BuffPro will not leave swirl marks or holograms because the axial motion of the buffing pad eliminates circular micro marring, leaving a professional swirl-free shine.

The before (left) and after (right) photos below show the shine that you can expect in half the time of regular buffing products.

how to winterize an rv

Cover Up

Cover your RV and tires to protect from rain and snow. This protects your tires from dry rotting. Do not use a tarp! It is not breathable and traps moisture.

Trust BuffPro To Get the Job Done In Half The Time

How much is your time worth? An RV in particular offers the challenge of polishing a very large surface area. Imagine being able to complete a full buff and polish in half the time you spend now. Not only is BuffPro effective and never leaves swirl marks behind, it is also exceptionally comfortable for extended use.

Order your BuffPro, pads and polishing compound today and get ready winterize your RV with a perfect shine!