New Drone Laws and Regulations and Aviation Safety

How New Done Laws and Regulations are Helping Aviation Safety

done laws and regulationsEvery year more drones that take to the skies and share airspace with aircraft. While the pace of drone ownership seems to be slowing, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimated that as of December 2018 there were about 1.25 million drones identified as aircraft models. With the increase in these unmanned aerial vehicles, new drone laws and regulations have been introduced that help ensure aviation safety as drones are integrated into the national airspace system.

Updated Rules for Flying Drones

In January 2019, new recreational drone rules were proposed that affect Part 107 to help balance safety risks without inhibiting advances in technology and operations.

No matter if you’re a professional pilot, recreational flier, modeler, the following are some of the basic safety guidelines that all drone operators must follow:

  • Know if you need a pilot certificate
  • Register your drone with the FAA
  • Always keep your drone within eyesight
  • Avoid other aircraft and obstacles
  • Notify the control tower if you will be flying within five miles of an airport
  • Don’t fly in bad weather
  • Know and follow privacy laws and restrictions
  • Follow local laws and ordinances before flying over sensitive infrastructure or private property

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