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  • BuffPro Model JF180 Axial Polisher
  • Polishing Pad
  • One Bottle of BuffPro Pearl Polishing Compound

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The Limited Time BuffPro Package Includes:

BuffPro Model JF180 Axial Polisher

The BuffPro Polisher is a revolution in professional polishing offering a true swirl-free finish. Not only does the polisher not produce swirl marks, it can even remove swirls made by conventional rotary buffers. This is a tool that can buff and polish just about any surface in half the time of conventional rotating disk buffers. Our axial cylinder design means that compound stays under the buffing pad, while conventional buffers fling it off to other areas. The larger pad means that you can get better performance at much lower RPMs. We offer four high quality pads that work with the widest range of compounds to cut, polish, buff and finish to the highest shine possible.

BuffPro Axial Polishers and Pads are designed for all-day use by professionals. Dual pistol grip handles, variable speed controls, a durable drive motor and a quick release pad spindle mean you can concentrate on your work not on your tools. And the low RPMs mean that its safe to use for the most novice detailer.

BuffPro Polisher

Polishing Pad

The Polishing Pad for BuffPro Model JF180 Axial Polisher is an open cell polyester foam pad that works with your milder finishing compounds to provide unparalleled polishing and finishing results. The wide bite and fine cells mean that compound stays where the work is being done and that you polish and finish all of your work quickly and uniformly.

We recommend the BuffPro Polishing Pad with polishing compounds for light scratches, haze, and minor imperfections in gel coat or paint. This pad can also be used on stone, fully-cured primed or painted metal, soft body compounds, and bringing raw metal to a high-gloss finish. Designed for extended professional use, these pads easily wash out with soap and water and resist being saturated with compound.

BuffPro Polishing Pad

BuffPro Pearl Polishing Compound

The BuffPro Pearl Polishing Compound is a heavy duty polish that restores aged or weather-beaten paint. For use on any type of paint, it removes 1000-1500 grit wet sanding marks, swirls and paint oversprays. Use with a BuffPro Polishing Pad for superior results.

Bottle size is 1 pint.

BuffPro Pearl Polishing Compound

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