The Best Tactics for Marine Detailing

BuffPro marine detailing with our new compounding wool pad that can potentially replace 800-2,000 grain sanding.

Most boat owners know that maintenance cost for their crafts doesn’t come cheaply. Consider that the average cost of professionally detailing a boat can range to $125 per foot, depending on its condition. And marine crafts larger than 40 feet can see 20% to 40% higher prices. Also, professional boat cleaning companies may have charges for additional cleaning services. However, the truth is that marine detailing doesn’t have to be expensive if you are willing to invest some time.

At BuffPro, we specialize in providing products to help make your life as a boat owner easier. And we know the top maintenance tips for extending your boat’s lifespan and making your marine detailing efforts easier. These include:

  • Washing your boat with high-quality marine soap or detergent
  • Rinsing your boat after every use to remove salt residue
  • Treating tough to remove stains and dirt
  • Investing in a professional-style buffer and buffing pads

Marine Detailing Like a Pro with BuffPro

As the most versatile and unique product of its kind, the electric BuffPro buffer is easy to use and gives a professional, swirl-free finish. It also offers a cleaner process than other polishing methods.

The BuffPro buffer is ideal for marine detailing because it removes oxidation. And it provides a high-gloss shine in half the time of conventional rotary buffers. With pistol grip handles, the buffer minimizes awkward wrist positioning for easy use and longevity.

Feel the Satisfaction of a Job Done Even Faster

BuffPro is proud to introduce our new compounding wool pad. It’s 100% wool and can potentially replace 800-2,000 grain sanding. That means you can reduce or eliminate sanding steps before the cutting, polishing, and finishing stages. It works with your most aggressive compounds, so now you can get the job done even faster. And you can use the pad on the following crafts, vehicles, and surfaces:

  • Boats
  • Airstreams and other RVs
  • Aircraft metal
  • Fiberglass
  • Stone
  • Raw metal
  • Polished concrete

It’s also ideal for gel coat repairs and metal polishing. And it’s suitable for pre-finishing prep work. After buffing, the pad easily washes out with soap and water and resists compound saturation.

Buff Like a Professional with BuffPro

Are you ready to achieve a superior shine in half the time? BuffPro has the products you need for all your polishing jobs. To claim your BuffPro buffer and your new compounding wool pad, visit our website, or contact us today.